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Healing Homosexuality

Healing Homosexuality - Leanne Payne No. Just no. If you genuinely think this book works, or you know somebody who is forced to attend these 'healing' sessions with their pastor, you really need a long, hard look at your life.Anything written by these 'healing' pastors is a massive pile of steaming bullshit. 'Being gay is unnatural! You must have had something traumatic happen in your childhood! You shouldn't feel this way!'No, sorry, but it is natural. It's not a product of trauma or a decision to go against the status quo. It's heartbreaking to think people get disowned by their families, ostracised in their communities, or have to keep secrets from the people they love and trust the most, just because they live in fear of these bigoted opinions.To hell with this book, and the nasty piece of work who wrote it.