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16 And Pregnant - Michael Crook For those of you who don't want to give traffic to this awful human being's web site, here's a reproduction of the original text.Clearly, there is no justice in Steubenville, Ohio today.Oh? Do continue.That's because two young men were convicted of rape in a much-publicized case. The verdict was handed down this morning, an odd move indeed.Because two people who have committed an absolutely horrifying crime were justly punished for it? Also, the last sentence makes me think Mr. Crook found it odd that the court proceedings took place in the morning.Two young men now have their lives forever ruined by a felony record because a 16-year-old girl went to a party and, according to testimony, didn't loudly and clearly say "no" to sexual activity.Well... they committed a fucking terrible crime, Mr. Crook. Or is 'rape' just some magical word that girls only use when they regret having sex with somebody? Seems to you like it is.Yet a judge elected to forever tarnish the lives of two young men who saw a seemingly willing participant. She seemed willing to them because they were wankers who couldn't distinguish that no means no. I don't care how intoxicated they were, or how intoxicated the girl was, you victim-blaming utter waste of skin cells.As I wrote in my latest book, "My Rules of Life," I don't believe for one second that "rape" exists.Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with a dictionary, Mr. Crook.Usually what happens when there's an accusation of rape is that it's a case of buyer's remorse.Oh, that's what it is? USUALLY, eh? Yeah, way to invalidate the completely shattered, broken women and men who go to the police station or domestic violence shelter, sobbing through their police statements. My dad was a police officer for nearly 15 years, and not once did some devious man or woman come into the station crying rape because they regretted sex with somebody on a night out or wanted to tarnish somebody's reputation forever. Maybe you're thinking of Mayella Ewell from To Kill a Mockingbird, but this shit does not happen. If somebody DOES go to the police about a rape, why in the Hell would they lie about it or seriously hate somebody so much they'd send them to prison whilst completely lying about it? Do you know how much you get charged for wasting police or legal time nowadays?Is that what happened here? Allegedly, the 16-year-old girl was appalled to learn what happened to her.As all sixteen year olds, nay, everybody would be.Problem is, I don't think either she or nor other people have fully examined her role in the situation, at least as far as I see it: She attended the party willingly and by her own admission, drank illegally and to excess. She wore clothing that could, in my opinion, be reasonably perceived by those in her age bracket as inviting sexual contact, and by others as just plain "slutty," which is an element that conveniently seems to exist in many accusations of "rape."You... you utter piece of SHIT. Oh, so SHE is to blame, now? Nice bit of internalised misandry there, Mr. Crook. Are you saying that members of your gender are sex-obsessed Neanderthals who declare any girl who raises her petticoats above her ankles to be promiscuous, and thus, fair game, and to be herself BLAMED for a horrible crime that HAPPENED TO HER BECAUSE TWO SHIT-STICKS DECIDED TO HAVE SEX WITH HER WITHOUT HER CONSENT.Also, here's a statistic my dad, the aforementioned Detective Sergeant of a fairly big jurisdiction told me. Most victims of rape he encountered throughout his years working in the police, were, at the time of their rape, dressed in regular, everyday clothing. It's not just 'slutty girls who go out half-naked' who are the typical rape victims. In the majority of cases, the attackers are known to the victim, or the victim is trying to make their way home and some dickhead decides to pull them aside and take advantage of them. So you can go take a long walk off a short pier, Mr. Crook.She put herself in a situation where there was alcohol and she passed out, which led to the supposed "rape," during a six-hour period of ignorance. "I was embarrassed and scared, and I did not know what to think because I could not remember anything," the girl whined in her testimony.So... what? She drank underage. Sure, that's a crime in the US, but it's not as bad as what these two twats did to her, can I reiterate, without her consent. She passed out? Well, I guess her body is fair game now. Thought no decent human being, ever.Also, I'd like you to take a look at the bolded word in the above example of this man's critique of the Ohio justice system. Whined. Thus implying that the girl was a snivelling, mewling sissy who deserved what she got. Words fail me.Odd. She was brave enough to drink, reportedly four vodka shots, two beers, and other alcoholic brew. This despite the fact that she had to have known that she wasn't old enough.Brave enough to drink? Yes, only the manly drink vodka, beers, and 'other alcoholic brew.' It's her fault for ingesting these substances only true men can handle. And of COURSE she knew she wasn't old enough. Lots of teenagers drink underage. Maybe not every teenager drinks to the point of passing out, but there's NO FUCKING REASON EVER TO BLAME A RAPE VICTIM. EVER. NO MATTER HOW INTOXICATED THEY MAY HAVE BEEN.She was bold enough to dress as she did at a party full of boys who, by their very nature, were blamelessly driven by natural hormones.More victim-blaming.Oh, and more internalised misandry towards the teenage boys.And now she wants to paint a picture of an "embarrassed and scared" girl? That cannot pass!Looky-looky! A man deeply affected by the Madonna Whore complex. So basically, you're saying this girl is either a virginal Madonna, or a promiscuous whore. I'm trying so very hard not to bring your faith into this, Mr. Crook.But it did, leading me to question the sanity of the judge and the justice system in Ohio.The sanity of the judge and justice system!? Because two utter arseholes WENT TO JAIL OVER A HEINOUS CRIME?Here's the thing: she voluntarily went to the party, a party where she knew, or should have known, alcohol was being served. I don't think any civilized human being drinks alcoholic beverages, but let's set that aside.Yes, people often go 'voluntarily' to parties. Especially if there's alcohol involved. I went out drinking in quiet pubs and bars with my friends when I wasn't of drinking age because hey, getting drunk can sometimes be fun. Especially if there's a slight, 'naughty' thrill to it.Also I know you're a member of the LDS Church, Mr. Crook, and from your religious studies, you've taken away some very conservative beliefs, but please. Let me drink my wine in peace without your babbling.An Instagram photo which was circulated in the media, albeit blurred, shows the girl being lifted by her arms and legs. This is not a girl who was clubbed over the head and kidnapped. She put herself in the situation that led to her being carried around, supposedly oblivious to what was going on.So... the only legitimate rape victims are those who were kidnapped? Everyone else is a liar, of course. Your husband raped you? You were drunk and somebody took advantage of you? Nope, your victimhood does not exist.Also, being held by her arms and legs in the photo posted on Instagram? Um... that doesn't mean she was inviting herself for rape. She was just having fun, and somebody took a photo of the crowd whooping and being silly, before this poor girl's world was absolutely shattered by two heartless individuals who didn't realise no meant no.Yet she chose that path, drinking to the point that she passed out. According to testimony, she couldn't explain why she had no clothes on when she came to her senses. And what of those clothes? News reports and court testimony paints a picture of immodest shorts and a tight shirt. Dressing like that does nothing for me to support her claim of being an innocent victim.Drinking to the point of passing out is never a good thing, but it's NOT A FUCKING INVITATION TO HAVE ANYONE DO ANYTHING SEXUAL TO YOU.Immodest shorts and a tight shirt. Let's completely disregard the notion that there should be no shame in walking around wearing tight or short clothing. It could also have been a hot day in Ohio. But oh no, the impure WOMENZ. Wandering around showing their ankles and attracting male attention!What sort of person allows that sort of thing to happen in the first place? The story goes that the next morning she woke up nude and on a couch in a house unknown to her. She then later reportedly frantically sent text messages to a friend, supposedly appalled that this happened to her. What responsible person puts themselves in a situation where they're not aware of what's happening at all times?Put yourself in the victim's shoes here, Mr. Crook, if you can. She's discovered she's nude on a couch in an unknown house. She sifts through the memories of last night, and suddenly panics in realising what has happened. Here is where the frantic texting and sudden upset comes from. You're talking about a teenage girl who went to a party and got drunk, and had a horrible crime happen to her. And you're blaming her for not being responsible enough? Oh yes, because she's not the victim. The victims are clearly the lads who are being made to pay for what they did.By all accounts, it appears that she brought this upon herself, and that's typically the case whenever a woman cries "rape." They conveniently forget to mention their role in the matter, ever the innocent lamb, and the guy's the hungry wolf.You victim-blaming fuck. Need I remind you that rapes aren't always to do with girls wearing supposedly 'promiscuous' clothing. And fucking STOP with your Madonna Whore complex and your ridiculous internalised misandry. Girls aren't just 'innocent lambs' or deviants who go out dressed in these licentious outfits in order to ensnare men so they can then ruin their lives by claiming that they didn't consent to sex.That mindset needs to stop. If the boys are going to be held to account, I feel she should be too, just like I feel any woman who alleges rape should be scrutinized and torn apart in the public forum and on the stand in court. She went to a party like that, a petite little girl dressed clothing that, I feel, practically invited and maybe even begged for trouble.The boys are going to be held to account for doing this horrendous crime, and the girl involved will be offered counselling. The girl should also be torn apart in public and forced to stand in court because of what she WORE? You absolutely disgust me, Mr. Crook. You victim blaming, nauseating and contemptible pustule.Please go and listen to track number 8 on Lily Allen's album It's Not Me, It's You. Preferably uncensored.And if that's still unclear:Fuck you!Fuck you very, very much.