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Twilight, True Love and You: Seven Secret Steps to Finding Your Edward or Jacob - Louise Deacon Hey girls! Do you want an emotionally abusive, frigid older man who is possessive to the point of wrecking your car engine if you want to go and see somebody else?Or do you want a feisty, volatile animal of a man who tries to have your best interests at heart, but you completely reject him, and he ends up falling in love with your daughter?Maybe you want a sweet gentleman who cares about you and your rights and doesn't try to make you into a caricature of a dithery 1950s housewife? Or into a bloodsucking monster.If you picked the third option... keep looking. I hope nobody reading this genuinely wants a sparkly vampire or a stern looking werewolf who is almost always half-naked, but eh. Here's a good link with which to educate yourselves. http://pamgutz.livejournal.com/6499.html