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Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists - Gideon Defoe Two weeks ago, I went to my nearest cinema to watch The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists. It was a fun little film, and it's classic Aardman entertainment, but it's nothing great. In fact, as far as Aardman films go, it's maybe a little notch above Flushed Away. But it isn't bad, it just isn't Chicken Run or classic Wallace & Gromit.Miniature movie review aside, what did I think of the original book? It was absolutely hilarious, and contains so much over the top silliness that it should be a crime. The Pirate Captain has a luxuriant beard and a booming voice (just like Brian Blessed). But despite that, he is rather fearsome yet stupid. He's like a caricature you would find in a Horrible Histories book. His crew are only ever mentioned by their external appearances: the pirate with a scarf, the albino pirate, and the pirate with a green coat.The sense of humour is indeed very British, served with dollops of sarcasm and quite a few straight-laced man x idiotic bloke routines (pretty much any time the Pirate Captain has a conversation with Charles Darwin). The villain may not have been much, but eh, it's only 200 pages. Our villain is an evil bishop who sent Charles off on his expedition for the Galapagos purely out of fear Darwin's discoveries could decrease his stake in the shareholdings of a circus and freak show. Defoe even includes these great scientific and historical footnotes that sometimes are true and sometimes are ridiculously silly.So if you like silliness mixed with goofy comedy and highly enjoyable characters, I recommend you check this one out. The film isn't bad either, it's like a hodgepodge of all four books baked into a pie... well, actually, a movie, but you get my drift. 5/5.(This review is also available on my blog: http://book-wyrm.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/the-pirates-in-adventure-with.html)