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Goodnight Mister Tom - Michelle Magorian Now here's a book I had to read for school. Primary school, in fact. I think I must have been in Year 5 or 6 (at the age of 10) when my teacher gave us this as the class reading book before we started studying World War II. (Years 5 and 6 at my school shared the same classroom and same materials. Aren't tiny little village schools with only 65 pupils great?) It made all of my class cry our eyes out. Good Night, Mister Tom is set during World War II, and it's about a grouchy old man (Tom Oakley) in the countryside who takes in an evacuee child (Willie Beech) from the city. They strike up an unlikely friendship, and it becomes clear to Mister Tom after a while that Willie is hiding something from him. Specifically, he has an abusive mother back home in London. Willie is brought back from Mister Tom's care, and his overzealous mother, believing her son has become corrupted, locks him in the cupboard under the stairs with his neglected baby sister. Mister Tom gets a feeling that something awful has happened, so he heads out to London to find Willie, and... yeah. Excuse me while I go and peel some onions without a slice of lemon in my mouth.Looking back on it, this book is very depressing. The writing is absolutely perfect, though. It's never over-emotional or clutching for the "OH MY GOD ISN'T THIS SAD!!" angle. It's just a book about an honest, sincere friendship, framed around the Battle of Britain and this one poor kid's despicable mother. The ending is great, and it's a tearjerker in both the book and the movie. 5/5.