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Daughter of Fire and Ice - Marie-Louise Jensen Marie-Louise Jensen is a local author to me (she lives only a few towns away) and I have to say, she is a brilliant example of a historical/romance author, a genre which is sorely in need of authors. I consider the Vikings fascinating, and in fact, I'd love to see more historical romance novels that AREN'T about the Tudors/Stuart/Elizabethan/Renaissance/Victorian Period. Obviously, this was a breath of fresh air. It's set in the 9th century, when Norwegians were beginning to make claims on Iceland, a land where 'there are fields where cattle can graze all summer, but black sands where nothing can grow, fire mountains, glaciers as far as the eye can see...'.Thora, our main character and narrator, is a seer, and a healer to boot. She's kidnapped in the beginning of the book by the cruel chieftain Bjorn Svansson (who is killed), but she manages to get a ship to Iceland along with a mysterious slave who has taken on Bjorn's name. That's the gist of this book.And for the most part, it's really, really good! I learned a lot about Viking ways, Norse gods/goddesses... it's brilliant. Every character had a story that was tied up neatly at the end.Speaking of the end, that's the only problem I have. It ends on a fight, and then seems very abrupt as Thora hopes for prosperity, and the book is over. But maybe that's just me.