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Nodame Cantabile, Vol. 1 - Tomoko Ninomiya Right, here's a bit of my life story, as to why I like this manga so much. When I was seven, my parents started me on piano lessons. I liked them to begin with, and I passed my Grade Two piano exam when I was about eleven or twelve. My dad really wanted me to do well in music, and even wanted me to get into a private school on a music scholarship.Unfortunately, I gave up piano shortly after my Grade Two, because I wasn't enjoying it. I had my own rhythm, my own ear for music and my own way of learning, and sheet music just didn't read easily to me, nor did my music teacher's methods. Also, my perfectionism kept getting in the way - one mistake equaled me starting the piece all over again, no matter what. Practice became frustrating, and I'd work myself into a frenzy with every note missed. It was beginning to make me lose my enjoyment in the piano, so yeah, I gave up.Nodame Cantabile is the manga that reminds me why I love music. I relate to Nodame so much it's almost scary. We're both a bit naïve in real life, slightly eccentric and childish. We also have the same methods for learning a piece of piano music: listen to it over and over, work your fingers, lean your head into the instrument, and get lost in the music. Maybe if I had kicked my bum into gear and stopped getting so frustrated with my mistakes, I'd be at a conservatory with my own Chiaki. A girl can dream, after all.Also, this series is josei comedy at its best. I laugh every time I reread a volume. :-) 5/5.