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Black Butler, Vol. 11 (Black Butler, #11) - Yana Toboso Okay, wow, this review is late. University got in the way, and I also like to remain loyal to my local comic book shop when I'm at home from uni. (Krackers in Taunton: awesome people, you guys.)Volume XI starts as a recap of the previous Phantomhive Mansion Murder Mystery arc, as Sebastian and Ciel converse with the Professor (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, natch) in an attempt to tie up all of the loose ends. Well, it's better than some other manga recaps I've read, so let's see what questions it could answer.Such as: how did Sebastian 'die'? What about that broken-up little glass phial? How did 'Reverend Jeremy' come into the picture? What happened with that owl Sebastian told Maylene release? And how did everything get arranged so that the other German guy staying at the mansion would be convicted? It's all a little bit contrived and a bit silly, but hey, that's Black Butler for you. There is worse yet to come, my friends. (And by worse, I mean zombies and Grim Reapers and swordfights and flashbacks aboard the Titanic. Or at least, an enormous sinking cruise liner.)Then something rather amusing happens.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle starts prying a little too much, so Sebastian drops the little fact that he isn't quite human, and Ciel pretty much sics his demon butler on the poor bloke. In his true form.Now, what really tickles me is the conversation that Ciel and Sebastian have afterwards, which essentially boils down to: Sebastian: "It's a good thing I scared the wits out of him, really."Ciel: "Oh, and why is that?"Sebastian: "I recall you liked his first work, A Study in Scarlet quite a lot."Ciel: "Do go on."Sebastian: "Writers are a very specific type of creature, Young Master. I presume an experience like that will make him pick up his pen and continue writing as soon as possible."Et voilà, literary history gets The Sign of Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, etcetera. I'm sure that's how it all went down.After scaring the pants off of one of the UK's greatest authors, we get back down to setting up the plot for the next arc. The one I mentioned a few paragraphs ago. It goes a little something like this:Elizabeth: "Hi Ciiieeeel! I missed you! Mummy and Daddy have booked a three week voyage to New York on this new cruise liner in April and I want you to come with us!"Ciel: "Lol no."Elizabeth: Kay bye!Ciel: Oh, what's this? I have to look into some medical malpractice/occultism stuff? Sebastian, go investigate the hospital.Sebastian: Certainly, my Lord. (Like five minutes later) Oh hey I'm back and it turns out there's going to be a conference on this luxury new cruise liner that departs for three weeks in April. Also, Snake from the Circus Arc has been snooping around the mansion.Ciel: Snake, you are now my new footman.Snake: I am touched by this gesture. ...Says Brontë.Ciel: Very well. Sebastian, we leave at once for this cruise.We then see Ciel and Sebastian and Snake embarking on the ship, along with Ronald Knox, a Grim Reaper you might recognise from a small part he had in volume VIII or IX. He's also in the Black Butler musical, portrayed by dear Yosuke Crawford.Ron shows up, flirts with some girls, and yeah. That's it for now. (Psst: Grell comes back into the picture next volume and oh my goodness I never realised how much I missed her. Eeiiee.)Ciel gets bored on the ship, some bitchy old ladies make fun of Snake's appearance, and Ciel gives his new footman a confidence boost. Then it turns out that the medical conference is being held by this super secretive society, and you have to know some ridiculous pose to prove you're a real member. Ciel and Sebastian don disguises and get into the meeting, and it turns out that this doctor, Ryan Stoker, has discovered a way to bring the dead back to life. It's just too bad that his first attempts all end up as zombies, and they perhaps should have waited 'til everyone arrived in America to show off this technology. Oh, hindsight.All in all, a fairly decent volume. Stupid ideas, pretty good execution, and a few funny moments to spare the monotony of having the recap of this event which we were all privy to tediously explained. 4/5.