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Divergent  - Veronica Roth I did have a few problems with Beatrice's character to begin with. The sudden transformation of her personality was just too much for me. However, I got used to it as it went on. The girl is Divergent, after all, and thus has traits of all the factions.One of the mysteries of the book was why Beatrice was constantly warned not to reveal she was Divergent, nor that she didn't get a conclusive report on the simulation.The threats were everything from being put to death to being thrown out of the faction, if I remember correctly.Well, apparently it's because Jeanine, the figurehead of Erudite, the evil smart alecks of this dystopian Chicago, has been developing a serum that controls the minds of the Dauntless members. Divergents can't be controlled by the serum (that is, not until Jeanine develops a new serum). Erudite are basically sick and tired of Abnegation being in charge, claiming their righteous morals have been corrupted. So of course, a revolution begins around the last 100 pages of the book, and let me tell you, I couldn't put it down.Oh, and almost everybody dies and sometimes there seems to be just gore and death for the sake of gore and death. One character commits suicide, one character is stabbed in the eye, one character dies when she misses her mark jumping off a moving train, other people die needlessly... etcetera.The book ends as Beatrice, Caleb and Tobias (Four) make their way to the Amity headquarters in the hope they can at least try to quell the revolution from there.This book did redeem itself of most of its flaws, and I'm glad it did. I was originally going to give it maybe 2.5-3 stars, but I've decided on 3.5 now because I want to know what happens next, and I have grown quite attached to the characters. However, the love story between Beatrice and Tobias happened far too quickly for my tastes, though they do make a great couple.So, there you have it, 3.5/5 stars because it was a compelling read, and I want to get the next book, but there were still some flaws here and there... So consider it a very high 3.5/5. May 2012 is indeed a long way away...(This view is also available on my blog: http://book-wyrm.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/divergent-by-veronica-roth.html)