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Black Butler, Vol. 08  - Yana Toboso My copy did not arrive at the comic shop in the middle of nowhere in England for two weeks! *sad face*But it arrived... yesterday! *happy face*This volume of Black Butler may just be the best one yet. The seventh volume (which I bought last November) may have one of the series' greatest cliffhangers, and volume eight follows it up superbly. I particularly adored the bumbling servants being revealed to be utter badasses. Maylene, the clumsy maid, is actually a deadly marksman. Finnian, the lackadaisical gardener, is actually a super strong escaped experiment. Tanaka, the other butler, is an old man with expertise in martial arts. And Bardroy, the inept chef, is a war veteran with a massive stock of weapons and knowledge of explosives and ballistics.Then it was really quite sad to see all the poor circus members dying off one by one. Geez, manga, angst-fest much? And Doctor revealing himself to be one of the biggest monsters in the series yet, killing a really young child in front of main character Ciel just to show him how he makes prosthetic limbs out of the ground-up bones of small children. D: Ciel has a panic attack and orders Sebastian to burn the place down and kill everyone, which he does. With aplomb.Ciel really kind of frightened me in this volume. The way he authorises Sebastian to burn down a mansion with innocent children still trapped in cages and stuff... And then, when they go to the Renbourne Workhouse where the circus members were supposed to have lived as children, he waxes lyrical about the nature of humanity and how dark and disgusting we are and Sebastian just smiles and agrees with him! And he has a comment or two about how Ciel's soul is so different from all the others he's tasted in the past and how he can't wait to devour it! o_o; Meanwhile, Undertaker and the Queen's butlers give their opinions on the scene, and Undertaker in particular seems to be holding those lockets that Ciel just grabbed off him in the most recent chapter.Luckily we're spared from the darker moments swiftly after this, because in the next chapter, we meet Nina Hopkins, Ciel's personal seamstress. And we get a lot of comedy in that Ciel has to hide his brand from Lizzy (who just so happened to be sleeping over) whilst being measured, and Sebastian takes it into his own hands to do this.Loved the heck out of this volume! The comedy, the drama, the angst, and the action were all perfectly balanced, and so I'm going to give it 5/5. But that's just my inner fangirl talking. Ehehehe.(This review is also available on my blog: http://book-wyrm.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/black-butler-8-by-yana-toboso.html)