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The Archive of Lost Dreams - Lissa Bilyk I've developed a thing for short stories recently. I love how they're able to make an entire world and then conclude it within such a limited number of pages. (For a really good example, check out some of Ursula K. LeGuin's short stories. :) ) This e-book is barely forty pages long, and there are four stories to get through, so let's mosey on with the review.The first story, The Archive of Lost Dreams, was really, really compelling. I really wanted to see more of that world, where dreams are kept and recorded by a mysterious man. Lissa Bilyk's talent for writing really shows here, and I hope one day we see a novel based around this idea. 4/5Roses Are Red was a little less interesting, though... I know it's only a short story, but basically, in this, a girl falls in love with her guardian angel. The guardian angel has a terrible vision of her future, and asks for her to break up with her abusive boyfriend. And it turns out she's the angel's examiner, and he's passed the test and can become a full guardian angel now. There was a lot of character development in this, but the story seemed to trundle along a bit too quickly and wrapped up a bit hastily. 3/5Don't Even Peep was a wee bit forgettable for me. I had to reread it just now to remember what it was about... Basically, it's a ghost story, but it really doesn't end very well. Not that it's a tragic ending, because it is, but the ending just wasn't really conclusive and I didn't feel like I had enough time to get to know the characters, even though I really liked the setting and the mystery and the explanation behind it. 2.5/5Round, Round the Fairy Ring: Hooray, fairy stories that actually follow traditional lore rather than make their fairies like OCs in a Winx Club fanfiction! Anyway, this is a story about changelings and fairies and a little human girl who gets caught between them. It all starts when Abigail's baby sister Celeste is replaced by a changeling. When investigating a ring of mushrooms outside of her house, she winds up in Fairyland and is kept there as prisoner after refusing the Fairy Queen's hospitality. Another human prisoner, a boy called Deacon, takes her to the nursery where the fairies keep the babies. With very little time to spare, Abigail rushes back home, grabs the changeling masquerading as Celeste and throws her back into Fairyland. It was quite well-executed for a short children's story. It was the longest story in the collection, if I remember rightly, and one of the best. 4/5.With all that being said, this is a very well-written collection of short stories, and can be read in one sitting. I'm going to give it a 3.5/5 overall.(This review is also available on my blog: http://book-wyrm.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/the-archive-of-lost-dreams-by-lissa.html)