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Crest of the Stars 1: Princess of the Empire - Hiroyuki Morioka I was really disappointed by this. Maybe it's just the translation and the original Japanese novel is a masterpiece of science fiction. I just could not get through this without being bored out of my skull. What I got from it was a boy who's a subject of a superhuman space empire meets a girl who happens to be the princess of this superhuman space empire and an awkward romance ensues, while war also rears its ugly head.The writing was just atrocious, with info-dumping everywhere and character conversations consisting of constant streams of exposition. It's as if whoever translated Hiroyuki Morioka's work was terrified that he'd missed something out. Who knows, maybe it's like that in the original. It was a fairly breezy read, but I found myself skimming more often than not, when I should have been immersed into the world of this story and enjoying it.All in all, not the greatest introducer to the Crest of the Stars/Sekai no Monsho/Sekai Senki series. I'd recommend the manga or the anime. Also, volume 2 is out of print, so... grr, Tokyopop!!