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Tiger's Curse Chapter by Chapter Review Master Post

Tiger's Curse (Tiger Saga Book 1): A heart-pounding adventure...magical! - Colleen Houck

Since May, I've been reviewing chapters of Colleen Houck's Tiger's Curse, inspired by Reading With A Vengeance and Mark Reads. We're almost halfway there now, so here's the master post.




Chapter 1 - Kelsey


Chapter 2 - The Circus


Chapter 3 - The Tiger


Chapter 4 - The Stranger


Chapter 5 - The Plane


Chapter 6 - Mumbai


Chapter 7 - The Jungle


Chapter 8 - An Explanation


Chapter 9 - A Friend


Chapter 10 - A Safe Haven


Chapter 11 - The Cave of Kanheri


Chapter 12 - Durga's Prophecy


Chapter 13 - Waterfall (part 1 and part 2)


Chapter 14 - Tiger, Tiger


Chapter 15 - The Hunt


Chapter 16 - Kelsey's Dream


Chapter 17 - A Beginning