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The Shadowhunters' Codex

The Shadowhunters' Codex -  Joshua Lewis, Cassandra Clare Why do you even need a guide to the Shadowhunters/Nephilim? Why? They're the super special awesome descendants of angels who did the dirty with human beans.And they fight evil like wangsty little superheroes with magical runes tattoos, and they make snarky remarks and use Deluminators Witchlights and wands steles.And their enemies are basically anything that you'd dress up as on Halloween. Demons, vampires, werewolves, the fair folk, mermaids... (Also, is it me, or do all the demons in this universe have a stinger tail, chitinous skin, and a raspy voice?) Whatever. All the iterations are exactly the same. The most stereotypical yet SPESHUL girl is introduced into a secret society of demon hunters. And into a love triangle!~ One boy is brooding and angsting over a sad event in his past, and the other boy is so boring that he's hardly mentioned at all (Alec in the first Mortal Instruments book), only coming into the plot when necessity requires it. There's also a bitchy sister or cousin or friend to squidge into this little mess, just to cause drama. And the supernatural beings are just laughable, not scary. The Mortal Instruments is set in the present day, The Infernal Devices is set in the Victorian era (researched through Wikipedia and various modern Gothic horror movies), and the new series is going to be set in the future.There is no need whatsoever for this guide. I have only read three books (City of Bones, Clockwork Angel, and Clockwork Prince) of this metaverse, and I've just written quite a bit about it!What the heck is going to be in this, anyway? Jace's favourite colour? Alec's passion for knitting? Clary's tips for maintaining her hairdo? Most of the things you want to know about the characters are all freaking there in the books! Or has Cassie become aware of the fact that her characters are bland Harry Potter universe/anime character clones and decided to flesh out their personalities this way?Eh, whatever. I'm just so sick of seeing her name everywhere. I should have been forewarned when I picked up City of Bones and it described Clary as being rescued by 'sexy demon-hunters'. Feh.