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Dead Until Dark

Dead Until Dark  - Charlaine Harris Sigh. What had a pretty strong start had a really, really sucky ending. Around page 200 or so, the novel suddenly started moving really fast. It was almost as if it was driving past a row of schools for a while... then it suddenly diverted onto the motorway and became a speed freak. It got really boring when Bill left for a while and Sookie started playing detective, and, well, the big surprise (i.e., who the killer is) leaves you feeling empty and disappointed. In a good murder-mystery story, the killer is someone known to the character, charismatic, and you never, ever expect them. I wasn't expecting the killer in this novel, but that's because I didn't get to know him too well because of a lack of character development! His motives and reasonings were screwed up beyond belief too, and I know he's supposed to be a bit crazy, but it was overplayed and stupid for the most part.Unfortunately, I think this is the only Sookie Stackhouse book I'll ever read, I don't see the appeal of any more, although I am enjoying the True Blood TV series. Charlaine Harris is not a bad writer, but she speeds up and slows down in ridiculous amounts, pressing down the pedal and then pulling her foot back up again. There were quite a few chapters where the instant Bill saw Sookie, he'd screw her, and by the next page, their little affair was over.Yes, there is vampire Elvis, and there is a shapeshifter in this, whose introductions also feel flawed and ridiculous.However, all in all, it is better to read than Twilight, by about a mile. I'd still reccomend Anita Blake or L J Smith.