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Fallen - Lauren Kate It seems like I'm still very far away from finding the holy grail that is a good supernatural romance. I'm a lone female knight atop a horse, sighing as I leave behind my last conquest and head onto another one, taking my chances and hoping that it will be fruitful.Fallen is one of those last conquests. I gave up after around 120 pages. It wasn't too badly-written, and nor was it too cliched. But it was way way WAY too poorly-researched. From the first chapter after the prologue, you can see Kate has no clue what a reform school is like in real life. She's basically set the story in a decrepit, creepy old boarding school and populated it with 'bad kids', and from then on, Luce meanders through this place meeting characters and doing things and no matter what, her character never develops. And don't get me started on the prologue (which reads too much like a movie scene) or the lack of research into fallen angels.Speaking of fallen angels, is it me or is the label 'fallen angel' just code for 'I have an excuse to be angsty'? Daniel was always rude to Luce, and seemed like the miserable bad boy archetype that seriously needs to be locked in an underground bunker for years and wiped from our collective until the writers of today use more than two male stereotypes. Anyway. Ahem.I have a huge problem in supernatural romances where a character is angsty. I don't mind if it stems from something in their previous life, but if it's 'I AM MISERABLE ALL THE TIME BECAUSE I AM IRREVERSABLY A VAMPIRE NOW'. Someone ought to tell Lauren Kate that there's a reason fallen angels fell in the first place?Anyway, I just couldn't finish this. The characters spoke and acted unrealistically (kind of like in Juno). Try this conversation here:Luce: Sorry, I'm a vegetarian.Ariana: Hm? Hippie parents or your own meager attempt at rebellion?...See what I mean?If you're looking for a new supernatural romance, don't read this. 1/5.